Sihoo M90D Ergonomic Chair with Adaptive Lumbar Support

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Sihoo M90D ergonomic office chair merges skilled artistry with a divided backrest configuration, facilitating quicker distribution of pressure on the lower back. This feature guarantees that a broader spectrum of individuals can relish the delightful comfort.

  • Dynamic lumbar support for continal waist comfort
  • 3D coordinated armrests to relax arms in all positions
  • 3. Double-joint headrest for precise neck support
  • 2.36" adjustable backrest for a optimal fit
  • Max. 130° recline angle

Sit more comfortably with dynamic lumbar support

Dynamic lumbar support

3D coordinated armrests

Double-joint headrest

2.36" height-adjustable backrest

Large 130° recline

Dynamic lumbar support, continual waist comfort

Experience continuous waist support with Sihoo M90D's adaptive and flexible lumbar support that always contours to your back however you sit.

Customizable and coordianted 3D armrests

Not only do the armrests adjust in 3 directions, but they also synchronize seamlessly with the recline feature, ensuring optimal support for your arms in diverse postures.

Extra-accurate head support

Enjoy precise support and comfort to your neck as the double-joint feature of Sihoo M90D's headrest allows you to move it up and down, back and forth, and rotate it around.

Adjustable, suitable

The backrest can be easily raised and modified by 2.36 inches, perfectly adapting to the contours of various individuals to ensure an ideal and comfortable fit.

Up to 130° of recline comfort

Select any angle between 100°, 110°, or 130° and experience a truly comfortable and relaxing seating position in Sihoo M90D ergonomic office chair.

Soft and comfortable

The soft sponge cushion wrapped with beathable mesh is soft and pressure-distributing. You'll get a weightless feel when seated in Sihoo M90D.

Matches any workspace

Designed to provide comfort, Sihoo M90D doesn't compromise on aesthetic. Its sleek and modern design easily fits in your office or study.

Product Specification


Ergonomic Office Chair / Home Office Chair


HD ElastoMesh Back and Seat with Soft PU Coated Armrests


PRO Wheels


5-Point Aluminum Wheelbase


49.2 Ibs


275 Ibs