Sitting Study

Sitting Study

How to define a good seat? Experts from the Sihoo Research Institute believe that it should start from understanding the sitting posture. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, various new devices are applied to people's daily work and life, and the sitting posture will also change accordingly with the changes in equipment and working methods.

Posture and Seat

Sitting is a natural posture of the human body. It can relieve muscle fatigue, reduce the energy consumption of the human body, and also help the operator to adopt a more stable posture to perform various delicate and fine motor tasks. However, long-term bad sitting posture will also have many disadvantages to human health, such as lumbar muscle strain, spinal lesions, poor blood circulation, etc. Therefore, a good seat design should not only fully consider the static and dynamic dimensions of the human body, but also It is necessary to provide good support and guidance for users in different sitting positions.

1.Make the occupant's gravity distribution reasonable and the muscles to relax

2.The thighs are approximately horizontal, and the feet are on the ground naturally

3.Multi-dimensional support of the body, correct your sitting posture

4.Multi-function adjustment, more convenient for posture change