Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing SIHOO. We guarantee that all SIHOO products are rigorously tested by our quality inspectors before shipment.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

If you have the following questions? Please contact us and we will deal with it in time.

a. If the return is due to our fault.
b. Goods arrive defective and cannot be repaired with replacement parts.
c. We sent the wrong goods.
d. We sent the goods to the wrong address.
e. We shipped duplicate orders.
f. Failure of the product within the 30-day return period (assuming the customer has assembled the product according to the instruction manual correctly).

Important: For damaged or defective items on arrival, you must provide video/photos to support your claim that the items were damaged or malfunctioning on arrival. If the customer refuses or fails to send a photo/video of the alleged faulty/broken item, this return will be deemed to be "buyer's remorse" and will be returned at the sole responsibility of the customer. Customers are also vulnerable to a 15 per cent purchase fee and any shipping charges paid by the seller. Without exception, if the customer claims that the goods are defective/damaged, the customer must provide proof before returning the goods. Use the Contact us form to submit images/videos for your return request.

Once we receive an approved returned item, we will review its condition. If the goods are found defective, we will refund them.

If the damaged/defective items return request might be solved by simple parts and support, we can provide free replacement parts of options, if customer think this is a simpler solution, we can provide advice on how to repair your goods, so you don't need to fuss will large goods send back to you. We do send technicians or repair people to customers' homes.

When the customer pays the return freight - if the return is due to the customer's error, the return freight is the customer's responsibility and the customer pays the freight. In these cases, prepaid return shipping labels are not available. Please be sure to note that the original shipping and handling charges will be deducted from your total refund and any orders that offer special shipping charges will be deducted from our actual outbound shipping charges. Examples of these customer returns might include:

Buyer's regret (" not satisfied with the performance ", "The item does not suit me", "the item does not meet my expectations", "I tried, but I want something else", etc.)
No reason/no longer want it
Misunderstanding of product description (failure to fully read product details/description/features)
Cancel the order after the item has been shipped, even if you have not received the item
The customer bought the wrong one
The client accidentally bought too much
The customer accidentally provided the wrong shipping address
After the 30-day return period, if an item fails or breaks down, the customer can use the SIHOO Manufacturer's product warranty period for repairs. For more information, see the manufacturer's product warranty.
Our warranty is 3 years!

Replacement process

The first step:
Please contact us at to let us know about your problem and confirm the solution.
Step 2:
Take a picture of your shipment and send it to us, along with the tracking number. The cost of repairs depends on whether they are covered by warranty. (Please check the warranty scope)
Step 3:
We confirm that the goods have been returned and check the problem. Please also email us yours
Contact details (name, mobile phone number, detailed address, postal code).
Step 4:
We will send the goods back to you.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Refund policy

● If you are not 100% satisfied with the product you purchased, you can return it and
Get a full refund or exchange.
● You can return or refund the product within up to 30 days of receipt. any
The product you return must be in the same condition as when you received it and in its original packaging. Please keep the receipt.
● Refunds will be processed within 7 working days of receipt and confirmation of returns. Please check your account.
● For any questions about returns and refunds, please contact us.

Cancel the order

SIHOO will typically mail your order within 1-2 business days. If you need to cancel your order, please contact SIHOO as soon as possible to cancel your order and receive an immediate refund. But if your order has been shipped, we will refund your money when you return the order.
Please contact us to cancel your order.

If the return is caused by the consumer, the freight shall be borne by the consumer. The specific cost should depend on the Courier company you choose.

If the goods received are damaged or incorrect due to our fault, the consumer does not have to bear the freight.


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