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Doro-C300 Ergonomic Chair
M18 Office Chair
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M57 Mesh Chair
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V1 Ergonomic Chair
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Health defines ergonomics, SIHOO ergonomic office chair represents not only cost performance and quality, but also an attitude to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

What we want to do is to solve the problems you will encounter when you sit for a long time.


Know you best

Doro-C300 Chair

Dynamic lumbar support, that's always got your back, give you continual back support

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M90D ergonomic office chair

Save YOUR LUMBAR spine

M90D Office Chair

Adaptive elastic lumbar support, making your lumbar spine to strechy freely

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improve quality of life

M57 Office Chair

Full mesh chair, with double-ways adj. lumbar support, and 3D armrests

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Customer Voice

I do work 10 hour shifts in front of a computer and this has been very helpful for me to be able to do that.


My lower back feels great and relaxed while sitting down. The chair feels very sturdy all around and looks well-made. Love that I can have the chair at a fixed point for work or be able to rock back in it to relax. Overall, recommend it!


I wanted to update this review because of the absolutely stellar customer service. I'm very, very satisfied with the resolution provided. Will definitely buy from them again.

Rob Gorski
Rob Gorski

I gave it a week before I start writing this review. The assemble was very easy. Took me about 20 minutes or so. The actual sitting experience is great. You can adjust the lumbar support so it matches to your back.


Sit Better. Live Better

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Every chair undergoes over 100,000 of tests for more than 10 types of performance tests

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

SIHOO's unique SPM system: Subjective, Physiological and Motion feedback system to support design in a scientific way

100+ Countries

100+ Countries

Sold in more than 100 countries, 1 Million+ chairs sold worldwide per year (In terms of retail sales value in 2021)

Sihoo's Mission
Sihoo's Mission: Make the Healthy Life Within Your Reach
Sihoo has been working on ergonomic office chairs for more than 10 years. We hope there are more people can work/live healthy and protect our back or spine from pains.