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SIHOO M90D  Upgraded Office Chair with Adaptive Lumbar Support for Different Postures

SIHOO M90D Upgraded Office Chair with Adaptive Lumbar Support for Different Postures

Regular price$359.00
  • 45°adjustable headrest;
  • The armrest can be adjusted up and down;
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable sitting experience;
  • Breathable mesh backrest, comfortable sponge seat cushion;
  • 123°maximum tilt angle allows you to lie down and have a good rest.
Color Grey/Black/Red
Material Mesh
Dimensions 16.54 x 19.69 x 44.09 inches
Seat Material Type Foam
Style Mesh seat

Customer Reviews


So far, this chair seems great. My only complaint at this point is that the back of the chair looks like it was dragged on concrete. It's all scuffed up and the silver emblem on the back keeps popping out. It was well packaged but the still the back was damaged. 😔
I wanted to update this review because of the absolutely stellar customer service. I'm very, very satisfied with the resolution provided. Will definitely buy from them again.

Rob Gorski

I've looked into all the high end brands such as Herman Miller, however I simply do not have the budget to buy a chair for that much.
I gave it a week before I start writing this review. The assemble was very easy. Took me about 20 minutes or so. Upon opening the package, it does have that plastic/fabric sort of smell. But it went away in about a week or so. The actual sitting experience is great. You can adjust the lumbar support so it matches to your back. The back is in that mesh fabric which means it's great for California heat.


After getting this chair about a month ago I have not had any back pain my hips haven't hurt because I can adjust well enough to have my feet hit the ground while still keeping my hips stable. The seat is firm and I wouldn't suggest sleeping on it, but for my purposes it's very comfortable. I do work 10 hour shifts in front of a computer and this has been very helpful for me to be able to do that.