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Better Chairs Follow Throughout a Career

A relaxed and healthy sitting position leads to better inspiration
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M90D better support the waist

More functions, suitable for sedentary office.

All products are suitable for home, office, conference, design, game multi-scene.

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Work From Home

In the most comfortable way, inspire better design creation, perhaps there will be a better warmth, with you to promote more works.
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Corporate conference room

If you're in the office, in the boardroom, in the studio, sitting for long periods of time, it gives you the best experience, the longest stay with you in the world, the greatest loyal buddy.

Entertainment game

Enjoy the game, it has more ways of entertainment, is indispensable in life, I wish you every game is the protagonist, play more fun to play more happy, this is its blessing.
Everyone's Favorite Office Chair Series

We attach importance to modern science and add more ergonomic modern scientific design to more products, so that more people have a healthier body in the process of long-term sitting, including more M90D, M18, V1 series. Of course, we will pay attention to a more comfortable sitting position, which is our original intention. We can put it in the studio, at home, in the conference room, in the booth, anywhere. He is a great Jackie Chan. To this end, our designers made more adjustments to the sitting position of the product. When you have it, you will have more health.

More M90D video introduction

Sihoo M90D is an ergonomically designed product, it will adjust your bad sitting posture and give you more lumbar support, maybe it will be cool, it will protest some bad habits, but it is a qualified health doctor;

Thanks to every customer, we need more great opinions to support

The annual global sales volume exceeds 300,000. We are willing to work with more people to continuously optimize and improve the product, so that more people can sit healthier and more comfortable. Please put forward any ideas you have.

Customer Reviews


After getting this chair about a month ago I have not had any back pain my hips haven't hurt because I can adjust well enough to have my feet hit the ground while still keeping my hips stable. The seat is firm and I wouldn't suggest sleeping on it, but for my purposes it's very comfortable. I do work 10 hour shifts in front of a computer and this has been very helpful for me to be able to do that.


I've looked into all the high end brands such as Herman Miller, however I simply do not have the budget to buy a chair for that much.I gave it a week before I start writing this review. The assemble was very easy. Took me about 20 minutes or so. Upon opening the package, it does have that plastic/fabric sort of smell. But it went away in about a week or so. The actual sitting experience is great. You can adjust the lumbar support so it matches to your back. The back is in that mesh fabric which means it's great for California heat.nd testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.


So far, this chair seems great. My only complaint at this point is that the back of the chair looks like it was dragged on concrete. It's all scuffed up and the silver emblem on the back keeps popping out. It was well packaged but the still the back was damaged. 😔I wanted to update this review because of the absolutely stellar customer service. I'm very, very satisfied with the resolution provided. Will definitely buy from them again.

Rob Gorski

Got this for myself as Christmas present, it's a great chair. Very comfortable. All the armrests, and headrests are adjustable. The seating and backrest are made of durable and flexible polymers, making it very cool to sit on for a long time, no sweats at all.All parts in the box were individually plastic wrapped, manual and instructions were clear and very simple. Took me about 20 minutes to assemble everything. This chair is pretty heavy, so i would recommend the ladies should not try to assemble it yourself, ask a guy to do it.


First of all, this chair is very comfortable! Bought since I needed a chair to help with my lower back pain. My lower back feels great and relaxed while sitting down. The chair feels very sturdy all around and looks well-made. Set-up was simple and easy. Love that I can have the chair at a fixed point for work or be able to rock back in it to relax. Overall, recommend it!


I purchased this chair to use in my home office since we are now working from home full time. the chair came on time and was very well packed. assembly and setup were quick and I had a nice and comfortable chair within 15min.After using it for a few days, I noticed that the backrest locking mechanism did not behave as expected. I contacted the seller and they sent me a replacement part which took care of the issue. Very happy with the purchase and will buy again.


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