Sihoo Doro S300 "Gravity-Defying" Ergonomic Chair

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Sihoo Doro S300 is the most advanced ergonomic chair from Sihoo so far. It's engineered to redefine seating comfort with its Anti-Gravity Mechanism and other innovative features. Experience support and comfort that seems to defy gravity in Sihoo Doro S300.

  • Anti-Gravity Mechanism made with aerospace‑grade glass fiber
  • A weightless recline experience
  • Coordinated support for the full body
  • Customizable dual dynamic lumbar support
  • Spacious integrated headrest
  • Winner of German Design Award 2023
Sihoo Doro S300

Defying gravity, Redefining comfort

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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Aerospace‑grade materials, Anti-Gravity Mechanism

The mechanism inside the Sihoo Doro S300 features a pair of elastic plates made of aerospace-grade glass fiber, the same material used in spacecraft. This choice ensures high elasticity and adjustability, mirroring the robustness required in space exploration. The result is a revolutionary weightless recline experience.

sihoo s300 Aerospace‑grade materials

A weightless recline experience

With the help of elastic plates made of aerospace-grade glass fiber inside the mechanism, regardless of your size and weight, you can adjust the tension to suit you. Whenever you need to relax a bit during your work, you can smoothly recline on the Sihoo Doro S300, stop at any angle you want (without the need to lock the backrest at a certain angle), and return to an upright position effortlessly.

A weightless recline experience
Lumbar support that cradles your back

Lumbar support that cradles your back

The wing-like dual dynamic lumbar support consists of two separate pads, offering comprehensive and dynamic support for your lower back, regardlessly of your body shape and sitting posture. Additionally, the gas lift allows you to fine-tune the lumbar support (90°-105°) for a perfect fit.

Comfort for the entire back whatever your size

Comfort for the entire back whatever your size

The upper half of the backrest can be adjusted separately in 5 levels, providing adequate support to your shoulders and neck, whether you're 5' (150 cm) or 6'3" (190 cm). Meanwhile, the lumbar support stays in the right place to perfectly support your lower back.

doro s300 Coordinated support for the full body

Coordinated support for the full body

The dual dynamic lumbar support, shaped like wings, features two pads for flexible lower back support, suiting different body types and sitting positions. The gas lift allows precise adjustment of the lumbar support from 90° to 105° for an ideal fit.

Rest your head in spacious softness

Rest your head in spacious softness

With the soft-to-the-touch headrest that perfectly contours to the curve of your neck while providing a generously sized surface, you can comfortably rest your head on the side and relax from your tasks.

Award-winning esthetics

Sihoo Doro S300, a winner of a German Design Award, is not only comfortable to sit in but also pleasing to look at. The main structure of the chair is crafted from a single piece of aluminum alloy, created through 13 procedures to achieve its beautiful and magnificent appearance.

Sihoo Doro S300 DuPont TPEE

Cloud-like comfort

The mesh materials of Sihoo Doro S300 are woven in a special way with Italian velvet and DuPont TPEE. The result is that the mesh is highly elastic, durable, pressure-relieving, and soft to the touch.

sihoo s300 Shock-absorbing, pressure relieving

Shock-absorbing, pressure relieving

To provide a more pressure-free seating experience, the Sihoo Doro S300 comes equipped with a suspension system. This system effectively absorbs shock when you sit down on the chair and dynamically adjusts to changes in your seating position.

sihoo dro s300 Robustly built, rigorously tested

Robustly built, rigorously tested

Engineered with premium materials and in leading crasftmenships, Sihoo Doro S300 also underwent numerous tests before being delivered to your hands. It's also BIFMA and SGS certified for extra peace of mind. Enjoy years of comfort with your Doro S300.

6D armrests for arm support
in all positions

The armrests of the Sihoo Doro S300 lead the industry by providing adjustments in six directions, ensuring optimal support for your arms, regardless of your sitting position.

sihoo doro s300 6D armrests

Easily adjustable, perfectly suitable

All controls are positioned on your right-hand side, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the height, seat depth, recline, and recline tension. The extensive adjustability also ensures that Sihoo Doro S300 comfortably accommodates various body shapes.

Easily adjustable, perfectly suitable
"Moreover, the entire seat will coordinate when you recline with it, something that very few chairs of this style do..."

Léo - TechMaker

"'Defying gravity, Redefining Comfort' is no exaggeration. This ergonomic office chair is packed with innovative features that promise a weightless and comfortable experience."

Robin's Fun Playtime

"...which not only utilizes the latest sixth generation of the mechanism and is addressable in almost all joints and springs but also offers the best weightless reclin experience I've had so far..."


"All of this amounts to a really crazy experience when it comes to the arm adjustability. Most chairs have a completely flat arm but with this the sweep seems to give a little bit more support to my whole arm rather than just my elbow which is rather nice."

Stu’s Reviews


sihoo doro s300 Specifications
Product Name

Sihoo Doro S300 "Gravity-Defying" Ergonomic Chair


Italian velvet, DuPont TPEE


6D coordinated armrests

Maximum Load

136 kg (300 lb)

Seat Depth

43.5 - 46 cm (17.13 - 18.11 in)

Max Seat Width

51.5cm (20.28 in)

Seat Cushion Height Range

46 -55 cm (18.11 - 21.65 in)

Net Weight

26.2 kg (57.76 lb)

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Easy to assemble
Comfort level
Easy to assemble
Mesh material
Suspension System
Waterfall-shapedseat cushion
Lumbar support
Seat height
Seat width
Seat depth
Overall height
Recline angle
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