Exciting News: Sihoo Ergonomic Chairs Now Available in Canada!

Exciting News: Sihoo Ergonomic Chairs Now Available in Canada!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our Canadian users! Starting July 1st, 2024, Sihoo ergonomic chairs will be available for purchase in Canada. That's right—just in time for Canada Day! Soon, you’ll be able to experience the unparalleled comfort and support that can transform your workspace into a haven of productivity.

As a company dedicated to enhancing your office environment, we couldn’t be more excited to expand our reach to Canada. This launch is not just about bringing our products to a new market; it’s about fostering better working conditions and helping Canadians achieve peak productivity and comfort.

Delivery Details

One of the biggest concerns for customers purchasing furniture online is the delivery time. We understand how important it is for you to receive your new office chair promptly, especially if you're excited about upgrading your workspace. That’s why we are proud to offer a swift delivery service across Canada.

How long will delivery take?

  • Delivery typically takes between 3-7 days.

How much will shipping cost?

  • Great news! We offer free shipping across Canada.

By shipping from our warehouses within Canada, we can ensure that your new Sihoo chair arrives quickly and without the hefty shipping fees that can sometimes accompany international orders.

Product Availability

For our initial launch in Canada, we have carefully selected a range of our premium ergonomic chairs to ensure that we meet the diverse needs of our customers. These include our most popular models, known for their design, comfort, and ergonomic benefits.

Available Models:

Sihoo Doro C300 Ergonomic Office Chair - Official US Sihoo Store

Sihoo Doro C300

Regular Price: $699.99 CAD

Launch Price: From $409.99 CAD

Sihoo Doro C300 Pro Ergonomic Chair - Official US Sihoo Store

Sihoo Doro C300 Pro

Regular Price: $999.99 CAD

Launch Price: From $699.99 CAD

Sihoo Doro S100 Ergonomic Office Chair with Dual Dynamic Lumbar Support - Official US Sihoo Store

Sihoo Doro S100

Regular Price: $799.99 CAD

Launch Price: From $429.99 CAD

Sihoo Doro S300 "Gravity-Defying" Ergonomic Chair - Official US Sihoo Store

Sihoo Doro S300

Regular Price: $1299.99 CAD

Launch Price: From $989.99 CAD

These chairs are designed to cater to a wide range of ergonomic needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for advanced lumbar support, a sleek design, or adjustable features, we have a chair that will meet your requirements.

Are the products the same as those sold in the US?

  • Yes, the products available in Canada are identical to those sold in the US, ensuring the same high quality and ergonomic benefits.

Where are the products shipped from?

  • All products are shipped from our warehouses within Canada, ensuring quick and efficient delivery.

Warranty and Policies

One of the key aspects of purchasing a product, especially one as important as an ergonomic chair, is understanding the warranty and return policies. At Sihoo, we believe in providing our customers with peace of mind and ensuring they are satisfied with their purchase.

Will the warranty in Canada be different from that in the US?

  • No, the warranty policy in Canada is the same as in the US. Most products come with a standard 3-year warranty. For detailed information, please visit our warranty policy page.

Will the return and refund policy be different?

  • No, Canadian customers will also enjoy a 30-day free return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and receive a full refund within 30 days.

Why Choose Sihoo?

Ergonomic chairs are not just a luxury; they are a necessity for maintaining good posture, reducing strain, and enhancing productivity. Sihoo chairs are designed with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating the latest ergonomic research to provide you with the best possible seating experience.

Here are some reasons why Sihoo stands out:

  1. Superior Ergonomic Design: Our chairs are designed to support the natural curve of your spine, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of back pain.
  2. Adjustability: Sihoo chairs come with multiple adjustment options, allowing you to customize the chair to your body and sitting preferences.
  3. High-Quality Materials: We use only the best materials to ensure durability, comfort, and a premium feel.
  4. Affordability: Despite their high quality and advanced features, Sihoo chairs are competitively priced, offering great value for money.
  5. Sleek and Modern Aesthetics: Our chairs are not only functional but also stylish, making them a great addition to any office or home workspace.

How to Purchase

Purchasing your Sihoo chair is easy and convenient. Starting July 1st, 2024, you can visit our Canadian website, browse our selection, and place your order. Our user-friendly website is designed to provide you with all the information you need, from detailed product descriptions to customer reviews.

Steps to Purchase:

  1. Visit our website: Navigate to sihoooffice.com.
  2. Browse our products: Explore our range of ergonomic chairs, read detailed descriptions, and view customer reviews.
  3. Select your chair: Choose the model that best suits your needs and preferences.
  4. Place your order: Add the chair to your cart and proceed to checkout. Don’t forget to take advantage of our launch prices!
  5. Enjoy free shipping: Your new chair will be delivered to your doorstep within 3-7 days, free of charge.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need assistance with your purchase, our customer support team is here to help.

Contact Us:

Our support team is knowledgeable about our products and can assist you with any inquiries you might have, from product details to post-purchase support.


The launch of Sihoo in Canada marks an exciting milestone for us as a company and for our customers who have been eagerly waiting for our ergonomic chairs to become available. We are committed to providing you with the best ergonomic solutions to enhance your workspace, improve your posture, and boost your productivity.

So, mark your calendars for July 1st, 2024, and get ready to experience the comfort and support of Sihoo ergonomic chairs. We can’t wait for you to join the Sihoo family and see the difference our chairs can make in your daily life.

Happy shopping, and Happy Canada Day!

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