Office Ergonomic Chairs: 8 Tips for Healthy Sitting

Office Ergonomic Chairs: 8 Tips for Healthy Sitting - Official US Sihoo Store

We sit for hours in the workplace every day and it doesn't have a positive effect on our health. If you work in an office, you usually have too little exercise, and the fatal thing is: when you get home at night, the desire to exercise is often almost zero. To make your work easier, we have compiled for you the most important criteria for an ergonomic office chair.

8 Steps to Properly Adjust Your Office Chair

A basic requirement for healthy and dynamic sitting in the workplace is a mobile office chair with a synchronization mechanism and height-adjustable armrests. The backrest should have maximum bulge at waist belt height to provide optimal support for the lower back. In general, this is currently considered the best variant of supported options. For an ergonomically correct sitting posture, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. The armrests should be adjusted so that the shoulder and neck muscles are relaxed when the arms are leaning on the armrests in a normal sitting posture. Armrests and work surfaces should be in a straight line so that arms are optimally supported in every position - neck and shoulders are relaxed.

2. The optimal distance between the back of the knee and the front edge of the seat is at least three fingers wide, and the pelvis is in good contact with the backrest.

3. To ensure adequate freedom of movement, at least one hand should be placed between the edge of the table and the thigh.

4. The distance between the upper body and the thigh is 110° to 120°.

5. Contact with the backrest is essential so that it can function as a support.

6. Keep your feet on the ground at all times so that your feet are fully on the floor below.

7. Keep your heels below your knees.

8. Leave enough room around the desk to swivel without bumping into anything.

Recommend the ergonomic chair SIHOO M90D for healthy office

Smart Dynamic Lumbar Support:
Adaptive and real-time lumbar protection.
making you comfortable in any sitting position

Leaning forward:
Automotic forward tilt forprotecting lumbar spine

Sitting upright:
Comfortable lumbar supportfor oressure release

Backward tilt:
Reloyx yeur bory and

M90D 130° Backrest Recline

130° Backrest Recline:
Relax and enjoy yourself during the break,increase your productivity in a better condition.

M90D 3D Linked Armrests

3D Linked Armrests:
Armrests are linked to the mechanismand change with the backrest reclinesupporting the elbow at all times

Dynamic Adjustable Backrest

Dynamic Adjustable Backrest
3 Level height adustable back
2.36" (6cm) Lifting height of the chair back


The construction of an ergonomic chair is complex: everything from the headrest to the casters is designed to make sitting easier. With an office chair like this, adaptability is important. Your body is unique, so you should make sure it meets all your needs.

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