User Showcase: Sihoo Doro S Series

User Showcase: Sihoo Doro S Series



Nowadays, no matter what I'm doing, I want to be in my #SihooDoroS300 chair.

Be it Gaming, Chilling, Cooking or even Visiting my friends, I'd gladly take my Sihoo chair anywhere!

My absolute favourite thing about the chair is the lumbar support. Goodbye, back pain! Welcome comfort and healthy sitting position! 💪

This chair makes me feel like I'm floating☁️ and the mesh makes me feel snug and comfortable🥰.

I recommend everyone to try this awesome chair. I swear you won't want to sit back up! And when you do, you'll totally miss the lumbar support. 🥹

Моя #инвестиция в здоровье.
Фантастический стул 🔥 и первый в России 😉
Германия 🇩🇪 – качество 💪🏼

Thank you 🙏🏼


The new chair deserves its own post, really happy with the way it fits the space. ⁣

Share high-quality images that showcase the Doro S series.
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The winners will be selected through a combination of the quality of the entries and the interaction data of the post.
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