Sihoo Doro S300 Design Story: Defying Gravity, Redefining Comfort

Sihoo Doro S300 Design Story: Defying Gravity, Redefining Comfort

Origin Story

Established in 2011, Sihoo initially entered the market by providing budget-friendly chair selections. Throughout the last decade, Sihoo has risen as a frontrunner in the ergonomic furniture sector, consistently introducing inventive products that enhance individuals' well-being.

As technology advances and sedentary lifestyles become more prevalent, the call for improved seating solutions amplifies. With the Doro S300, Sihoo endeavored to develop not merely another ergonomic chair, but rather a pioneering leap forward in the domain.


Addressing Common Ergonomic Chair Issues:

Throughout the development of the Doro S300, our focus remained on remedying prevalent issues observed in existing ergonomic chairs:

1. Limited adjustability, smoothness, and tension range: Conventional spring mechanisms frequently lack in these aspects.
2. Inadequate support for diverse body parts: Many ergonomic chairs struggle to adequately accommodate varying user physiques.
3. Displacement of support areas during recline: During reclining, support areas in numerous chairs tend to deviate from corresponding body parts, resulting in discomfort.
4. Pressure on thighs during recline: In most ergonomic chairs, seat cushions tilt upwards when reclining, causing heightened pressure on the thighs.

To achieve our objective, we conducted extensive ergonomic research, employing experimentation and validation to establish the foundation for chair development. Our committed research and development team diligently pursued a design direction that integrated ergonomic seats capable of adapting to changes in human posture and efficiently distributing body pressure.


The Birth of the Anti-Gravity Mechanism

At the core of ergonomic chairs lies the mechanism, shaping the seating experience and reflecting the chair's sophistication. It embodies a company's industry standing, research and development (R&D) capabilities, product competitiveness, and user understanding. As the most technologically advanced component, it integrates various functions, ultimately impacting comfort. The quality of a seat largely depends on its mechanism.


Evolution of Mechanism Technology

Since the inception of the ergonomic chair industry over a century ago, mechanism technology has evolved through six iterations. However, innovation stagnated with the introduction of the last glass fiber spring mechanism in the 1990s. Many companies faced challenges in breaking through due to technological barriers.



Sihoo's Pioneering Spirit

In 2019, as an industry leader, Sihoo embarked on the challenging journey of researching mechanism technology. After three years and the dedication of over 100 R&D engineers, we overcame the technical limitations of the traditional dual glass fiber spring mechanism in September 2022. This achievement redefined the reclining angle, marking a significant breakthrough in glass fiber mechanism technology. The result was the first generation of the Anti-Gravity Mechanism, now commercially available.


Five Key Achievements of Sihoo's Anti-Gravity Mechanism

1. Recline Angle Breakthrough: 130°
Increasing the recline angle of the dual glass fiber mechanism poses significant research challenges. Since its introduction in the 1990s, with its limited reclining angle, mechanism technology remained stagnant for nearly 30 years. Sihoo's Anti-Gravity Mechanism achieves an impressive 130° recline angle, surpassing the limitations of traditional mechanisms and leading globally.

2. Material Breakthrough: Introducing Aerospace-Grade Materials
Human sitting postures involve diverse movements, demanding elasticity, smoothness, and durability. Inspired by spacecraft materials, our research team incorporated high-performance glass fiber materials, meeting demanding applications. This innovation establishes a new generation of glass fiber base materials.

3. Mechanical Breakthrough: Consistent Elasticity
Traditional springs often suffer from uneven elasticity and fatigue. However, the aerospace-grade glass fiber material we use offers consistent elasticity without attenuation, verified through rigorous durability testing.

4. Structural Breakthrough: Four-Axis Linkage System for Coordinated Movement and Support
Research indicates that a suitable seat recline angle reduces muscle strain and ensures even pressure distribution. Sihoo's innovative four-axis linkage system automatically adjusts the seat cushion angle, providing coordinated support for different body regions.

5. Seating Experience Breakthrough: Defying Gravity, Redefining Comfort
Enhancing seating comfort remains a central focus. Sihoo's Anti-Gravity Mechanism comprehensively addresses limitations of traditional spring-based mechanisms, providing coordinated support and multi-angle positioning. Users can adjust the recline tension based on their weight, enabling smooth reclining and effortless return to an upright position.

The Significance and Impact of the Anti-Gravity Mechanism

The successful development of the Anti-Gravity Mechanism showcases our innovative R&D capabilities, strengthens our brand influence, and empowers us to break free from lower-end price wars.

For users, Sihoo delivers a groundbreaking seating experience, transforming the pricing structure of high-end ergonomic chairs.

For the industry, breaking certain monopolies fosters self-reliance in core technology, laying a solid technical foundation and inspiring further R&D investment.

Enhancing the Gravity-Defying Experience

At the core of the Sihoo Doro S300 lies the Anti-Gravity Mechanism, a pinnacle of innovation. Every component surrounding it is equally premium and industry-leading, meticulously designed to seamlessly enhance the gravity-defying seating experience.

Customizable Dual Dynamic Lumbar Support
Building upon the success of our original dynamic lumbar support found in chairs like the Doro C300, we sought to elevate its functionality with the introduction of the dual dynamic lumbar support in the Doro S300. Featuring two pads, it extends its support to encompass a wider area, cradling the user's lower back in utmost comfort.

Connected to the main frame by four highly elastic springs, these pads dynamically adapt to different body shapes and sitting postures, ensuring consistent support. Additionally, a gas lift enables individual adjustment of the lumbar support angle, ranging from 90° to 105°, for a personalized fit.

Independent Backrest for Versatile Support

Acknowledging the diverse requirements of users with varying body shapes, the Doro S300 prioritizes optimal adjustability. While many ergonomic chairs offer backrest height adjustment, this can compromise lumbar support for taller users. To address this, the Doro S300 features an independently adjustable upper backrest, ensuring proper support for the entire back, regardless of the user's height (ranging between 150 cm and 190 cm).

Expansive and Integrated Headrest for Enhanced Comfort

In contrast to most ergonomic chairs with limited headrest support, the Doro S300 boasts a spacious, integrated headrest that naturally conforms to the curvature of the user's neck. This design not only provides seamless support for the shoulders, neck, and head but also facilitates comfortable side-resting.

Premium Mesh Material: Durability Meets Breathability

While mesh is favored for its breathability compared to sponge or leather, concerns often arise regarding potential loss of elasticity and support over time. The Doro S300 tackles this issue by employing a two-part solution:

DuPont TPEE: This highly elastic and supportive material ensures sustained support without sagging, even after extended use.
Italian Velvet: Woven with DuPont TPEE, this material forms the Doro S300's unique mesh, offering a blend of elasticity, softness, and firmness.

Shock-Absorbing System for a Soft Landing

Sitting on a chair with insufficient cushioning can lead to an uncomfortable "hard landing" sensation for the hips and thighs.

To mitigate this, the Doro S300 incorporates a shock-absorbing suspension system beneath the seat cushion. Comprising four highly elastic springs, this system absorbs shock and pressure upon sitting, ensuring a smooth and comfortable "soft landing" experience. Furthermore, the system dynamically adjusts to maintain consistent comfort during posture changes.

Award-Winning Aesthetics: Harmony of Beauty and Ergonomics

Beyond comfort, the Doro S300 places emphasis on visual appeal. After meticulous design endeavors, the final product exudes a sleek aesthetic.

The standout feature of the chair is the single-piece, shiny metal main structure on the back, which connects the Anti-Gravity Mechanism, dual dynamic lumbar support, and independent backrest. Crafted from aluminum alloy using a 13-step process, it evokes the image of a goddess extending her arms in a welcoming embrace.

The Doro S300's magnificent appearance has been honored with the German Design Award 2023, further validating its aesthetic excellence.

Sihoo Doro S300: Exemplar of Quality

At Sihoo, we recognize that innovative comfort and design should stand the test of time. This is why the Doro S300 prioritizes durability and ease of maintenance.

Crafted with premium materials and industry-leading craftsmanship, the Doro S300 undergoes stringent testing before reaching your hands. Additionally, it holds BIFMA and SGS certifications for your peace of mind.


In Conclusion

The Sihoo Doro S300, with its revolutionary Anti-Gravity Mechanism, innovative features, and award-winning aesthetics, embodies over a decade of our expertise in ergonomics and engineering. We believe it represents our most advanced and refined chair to date, and we trust you will derive immense satisfaction from using it for work, study, or gaming.

As we persistently endeavor to innovate and surpass boundaries, we eagerly anticipate providing you with even superior chairs, engineered for unparalleled support and comfort.

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