Decoding the Anti-Gravity Mechanism of Sihoo Doro S300

Decoding the Anti-Gravity Mechanism of Sihoo Doro S300
The concept of ergonomics has a history of several decades since its inception, focusing on making tools more naturally suited to the human body's form. With the advent of the electronic information age, prolonged sitting has become an inevitable part of human work, making ergonomic chairs a new favorite for professionals seeking to improve working conditions. So, what makes a chair a good ergonomic chair?

The recently pre-selling Sihoo Doro S300, gaining user favor, employs an advanced development philosophy with its anti-gravity mechanism to enhance the comfortable experience, presenting a satisfying solution.
Sihoo Doro S300 Anti-Gravity Mechanism
Breaking through core technology, Sihoo Doro S300 introduces aerospace materials. In the current market, many traditional chassis designs often lack friendliness for lighter individuals and insufficient support for the seat and backrest for those with larger body weights, making standing up challenging. This has become a crucial industry challenge that needs addressing. To tackle this, Sihoo has been dedicated to finding a chassis production material that simultaneously satisfies a light sitting sensation and stability. After experimenting with hundreds of elastic blade materials and undergoing numerous trials, Sihoo drew inspiration from aerospace materials, introducing aerospace glass fiber blades. With excellent engineering characteristics, it smoothly passed 300,000 fatigue tests, significantly enhancing the chair's elasticity and support.

The Sihoo Doro S300's anti-gravity mechanism achieves a suspended feeling. With the introduction of aerospace glass fiber material, Sihoo incorporates it into the seat chassis, creating a silky and light sitting sensation. It adapts to the user's weight, effectively balancing support and gravitational forces, achieving a "leaning back effortlessly, easy to stand up" anti-gravity sitting experience.

Sihoo also addresses user pain points through targeted breakthroughs. In the research and development process, Sihoo found that both traditional linked chassis and non-linked chassis tend to lift the front edge of the seat cushion, causing it to press against the thighs and making the lower back area suspended. To tackle this, Sihoo creatively applied a regressive linkage design in its self-developed anti-gravity mechanism. When the user reclines, the front edge of the seat cushion does not lift, avoiding thigh pressure. Additionally, the chair back subtly produces a rotational and downward movement, providing users with comprehensive lumbar support, reducing lower back fatigue, and earning numerous positive reviews.
Doro S300

Putting the user at the center, solving real user problems is the key to gaining trust. Since its establishment, Sihoo has consistently focused on user pain points and needs, empowering products with technology and igniting the market with high-quality products.

Sihoo's flagship product, the Doro S300, with its anti-gravity mechanism and comfortable experience, has become a popular star product for the brand. It truly embodies the product philosophy of "Sit Well, Think Better" and showcases Sihoo's leadership position in the ergonomic chair industry with its outstanding technological content.

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