6 Factors That Must Be Considered When Choosing An Ergonomic Chair

6 Factors That Must Be Considered When Choosing An Ergonomic Chair

With the development of the economy and the increase in social pressure, the proportion of people's working hours increases year by year, which directly leads to the expansion of the number of sedentary population, a large number of studies show that the sedentary lifestyle has become a global public health problem, which has a negative impact on human life, unhealthy sitting can lead to a variety of diseases. When people sit for a long time, the imbalance of forces may lead to sitting pain, lumbar disc protrusion, lumbar spine injury and other diseases, therefore, it is necessary to purchase a suitable ergonomic chair.

As people's concern for health increases, there are more and more different styles of ergonomic chairs on the market. In the case of ergonomic chairs there are some misconceptions in thinking. Ergonomic chairs to a certain extent to relieve the discomfort caused by sedentary or lumbar spondylosis and the prevention of disease, but can not play a therapeutic role. So when we buy, we need to consider more factors about the chair, think about whether the chair is suitable for me?

For newcomers to ergonomic chairs, facing so many kinds of chairs from SIHOO, it is difficult to make the right choice for you. Then take SIHOO's chairs as an example, the following will be the strongest procurement guide.

Lumbar Back

Waist back is the most important factor of an ergonomic chair, but also the most important feature that distinguishes it from other ordinary chairs. In the design of the back of the chair, you must consider whether the curve of the back of the chair is in line with the curvature of the human spine.


Lumbar Back


The ergonomic chairs on the market lumbar back is broadly divided into integrated and separated. The following chart: West Hao M18, M57, M80C, V1 are part of the one-piece lumbar back. This type of lumbar back support tends to be stronger, more stable and sturdy.


V1  Integrated lumbar Back

V1  Integrated lumbar Back

The lumbar back separated lumbar pillow is mainly M90 series. m90C and M90D are lumbar back separated design, mainly for the tail lumbar spine overhang problem. Any overhang will make the lumbar spine in a state of tension, lumbar muscles can not relax, will lead to long hours of work, lumbar back pain. The split design is mainly for this type of phenomenon, when you sit on the chair, the lower part of your lumbar spine will feel a strong sense of top force.

M90  Series Separated Lumbar Back

M90  Series Separated Lumbar Back

Due to the differences that exist in each person's body, we try to consider the adjustable height of the chair back when choosing a lumbar back.

Considering the difference in the length of the waist and back of people of different heights, M18 and M80C are designed with a 5cm liftable height lumbar pillow.


M57 lumbar back design


M57 lumbar back design is more flexible. In addition to the 5cm lifting height, there is a 4cm front and back distance, which can be greater to meet the back of the chair on the lumbar spine to fit the degree, effectively alleviating the discomfort caused by sedentary.

v1 has 4-dimensional Cushion lumbar support, flexible adjustment, find the right lumbar support point, 9cm height adjustment, 1.5cm depth adjustment, the maximum range to meet the needs of different people.

The Cushion


From the material of the cushion, it is mainly divided into sponge and mesh. SIHOO's M18, M76, M90D cushions are mainly sponge, its main feature is more soft and comfortable, can get a strong sense of wrapping, increase the contact area between the hip and the chair, reduce pressure and relieve hip fatigue.

M57, M90C and V1 are the main representatives of using mesh material. SIHOO mainly uses polyester mesh, which has the characteristics of bright color without fading, toughness and tensile strength, abrasion resistance, non-toxic, decay resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, high temperature and UV resistance, breathability and long service life. This will mean that the chair will last longer and is not easily deformed.

The biggest difference between M90C and M90D is the different materials used for the cushions. The following will be a comparison of the two materials.


M90D ergonomic office chairs


m90c ergonomic office chairs


When sitting in a chair, there is a different pressure and heat between our body and the contact between the chair. If gravity is well distributed, we will effectively relax our muscles.


When sitting in a chair


The contact area of the cushion is closely related to the comfort. Xihao in the design of the cushion will be more from the human sitting force situation and contact area and other aspects of consideration. From the shape of the cushion, it is mainly divided into W type cushion and saddle type cushion.


SIHOO's M18 adopts the W-shaped cushion, which is designed according to the shape of the human hip and perfectly fits our thighs and legs to relieve the fatigue caused by sitting for a long time.





SIHOO's V1 is saddle-shaped design. Saddle-shaped cushion is also considered to be the healthiest cushion design, if there is sufficient budget, V1 will be a good choice.


V1 ergonomic office chairs



Headrest in the ergonomic chair is also a vital presence. The main role of the headrest is the support of the head, reducing the head a little cervical pressure. Especially when we relax or rest, in order to better appreciate the role of the headrest.

SIHOO's ergonomic chair headrest is mainly adaptive and double joint headrest. SIHOO's M18 and M80C headrest is adaptive headrest, can move up and down to adjust 3cm, while the M57 is in the headrest can move the distance to 8cm, to fit more people of different heights.


M18 Headrest

M18 Headrest

The double joint headrest design is mainly based on M90C and M90D

M90C Headrest

M90C Headrest

The headrest can not only move up and down, but also move 45°according to the angle of the head, to better fit our cervical spine and reduce the pressure on the neck.


move 45°according to the angle of the head

Pneumatic Bar

Pneumatic lever is the core component of the free lift chair, but also the chair's biggest safety hazard. Therefore, in the purchase of ergonomic chair products, we especially need the main whether to achieve international certification. For example, SGS three levels above, Germany TVU certification, the United States BIFMA certification.


Pneumatic Bar


SIHOO's ergonomic chairs are used in advanced three-stage air pressure bar, through the SGS test, the U.S. BIFMA test. The biggest difference of the chair is the stroke of the air pressure bar and the lower height. The stroke of the air pressure bar determines the height of the chair can be adjusted, and the longer the stroke, then the adaptable population will be more extensive. The height of the lower line is mainly determined by the height of the chair feet, different foot heights will be paired with different sag.


The following is a comparison between the air pressure bar between the various chairs of SIHOO.


Chair mode
 Pneumatic bar model


Stroke 100MM sagging 70MM


Stroke 100MM sagging 40MM


Stroke 85MM sagging 40MM


Stroke 100MM sagging 70MM


Stroke 85MM down 60MM


Stroke 100MM sunken 40MM


Stroke 85MM sunken 40MM



The main role of the armrests is to support the elbow joint, to relieve the soreness caused by prolonged suspension. Most of the chairs on the market can be done with armrests, but the comfort of the armrests and the adjustability of the armrests is to be considered. The armrest of SIHOO M18 only supports up and down movement, but in real life, our arms are often not placed vertically. Considering this aspect of demand, SIHOO's M57 and M90 series are further upgraded with 3D armrests, which can have -16°/0°/18° angle adjustment respectively, to better adjust the armrests to meet the needs of different angles of the hands at work.


The main role of the armrests


V1 is a 4D armrest, which can not only be adjusted up and down by 8cm, the armrest rotation angle is 40°, but also increased the back and forth movement by 6cm. As each person's arm length has a large difference, especially some of the larger size of the crowd, often feel that the general ergonomic chair armrests are shorter, and V1 is a good solution to this aspect of the problem.


The footrest is set up more for the people who need to rest at noon. Most of the ergonomic chairs are set back, but when we lean back at a greater angle, our legs will not be able to get a good rest. In order to let our legs can also get a good support, choose the ergonomic chair with footrest will be a very good choice.


choose the ergonomic chair


In general, when choosing the right ergonomic chair for us, there are many factors to consider, but in the first place is the safety of the chair, followed by the need to consider the chair's adjustability. But for our health, with an ergonomic chair is just a manifestation of our determination to improve the cervical and lumbar spine in a scientific way, but whether it is useful or depends on your use of the method and usual sitting habits.

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