Why You Need an Ergonomic Chair

Everyone sits differently. Everyone has back problems differently. So, an ergonomic chair can help you sit more comfortably and gently. Especially over a longer period of time. Everyone who has worked or sat in a chair for hours knows that one cannot sit still for long.

office chair

Lumbar Support

An office chair with lumbar support helps maintain an upright posture in the workplace. The lumbar support should be adjustable in height and, if possible, in depth for optimal adaptation to the spine. It relieves the discs and supports the back. Alternatively, the height of the backrest should be adjustable.

An office chair

Joystick Function

An office chair with a rocking mechanism ensures plenty of room for movement while working. The backrest moves backwards at a 90° angle together with the seat. In contrast, an office chair with a synchronous mechanism has an opening angle variation ratio of 1:2 or 1:3. The advantage of this is that the muscles are loaded alternately.

Make sure you can change the firmness of the backrest with the rotary control, especially if you weigh less than 60kg or over 100kg. The backrest should be neither too soft nor too hard, so that the back can be optimally stabilized and relaxed. The higher the weight, the greater the resistance.



For people who are prone to tension in the neck and shoulders, an office chair with a headrest is important. The head is no longer arbitrarily suspended in the air, effectively soothing the muscles and cervical spine. The height and angle of the headrest should be adjustable to suit the corresponding body shape.



If you sit at a desk for 4 or more hours a day, you need an office chair with armrests on which to rest your forearms and elbows. This relaxes the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

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