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The workplace in our office is a huge part of our everyday lives. We spend a lot of time sitting in a position. To avoid problems with the musculoskeletal system, an ergonomic office chair and correct sitting posture are important.

Advice on healthy sitting in your office chair

1. Use the full depth of the office chair, down to the backrest. This effectively protects the spine.
2. The upper and lower arms should be at right angles to the seat. The armrests on your office chair can optimally support this posture.
3. Your feet should be completely on the floor and level on the seat. Also, make sure you have plenty of leg room.
4. Move! Changing your posture can prevent you from sitting stiffly for long periods of time. Sit back, stand upright and bend forward slightly. Many office chairs have backrests that follow these movements.

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Which casters are best for your office chair?

The hardness of the casters of individual office chairs is different. This should be chosen to match your office's floor covering, on which your chair will later stand or roll.

If your workplace has soft surfaces, such as carpet, hard casters on office chairs, it makes more sense.

If your floors are covered with laminate or similar, it is recommended to use soft brake castors for tables and chairs to protect your floor covering and ensure freedom of movement.

ergonomic office chair

What extra features are useful for an office chair?

For people with sensitive neck muscles, a headrest can also help relieve cervical spine problems.

During this time, you should stand up, stretch, do small exercises, and change your posture.

Tips for Buying an Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair should be able to adjust individually to you and your workplace. So when you choose a work chair, you should pay attention to the following factors:

1. An ergonomic backrest and adjustable height are must-haves for every office chair
2. Armrests, if present, should be adjustable in height, width and inclination
3. The depth of the seat should be adjustable to ensure a comfortable sitting position
4. Covers should be made of materials such as leather, imitation leather, polyester or cotton as they are hard wearing and durable
5. For people who sweat a lot, a desk chair with a mesh back is recommended as it allows air to circulate and prevents heat build-up on the back

We believe that with these tips and suggestions, you will be able to focus and organize your day in a healthy way.