Sihoo Doro-C300 Design Story

Sihoo Doro-C300 Design Story

The Back Story

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our lives have been greatly impacted. We have experienced quarantine, social distancing, and working from home. Not only have people been spending a lot of time at home, but they have also become more aware of their personal well-being.

In today's society, we spend a considerable amount of time sitting, from working at the desk to driving. But prolonged sitting can lead to various health issues, including obesity, heart disease, an increased risk of diabetes, and more. Sihoo Doro-C300 was engineered to provide a healthy and comfortable seating experience even after extended periods of sitting.

The Design Concept

At Sihoo, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. Each time we create a new chair, we strive to develop something truly unique and special. Our goal is to design products that not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of our users. We want to create chairs that truly touch the lives of those who use them.


Inspired by the elegant, long, spiral horns of kudus, a species of antelope native to eastern and southern Africa, Doro-C300 is full of sleek, streamlined curves, making it not just comfortable to sit in, but also appealing to the eyes.

Similar to the three spirals of a kudu horn, Sihoo Doro-C300 chair provides three layers of support for your back, including dynamic lumbar support, a flexible backrest, and a multi-adjustable headrest.


Innovative Designs

Self-Adaptive Dynamic Lumbar Support

One of Doro-C300’s features is the self-adaptive dynamic lumbar support, which really is a breakthrough.

Maintaining proper support for the lower back is essential when sitting to keep our spine in its natural S-shape. However, conventional lumbar support often fails to provide sufficient support when we move, leaving the lower back unsupported and suspended.

When designing Doro-C300, we made it a priority to solve this problem. After diligent efforts, we are proud to have created a solution - the self-adaptive dynamic lumbar support. This innovative feature moves with your body and conforms to your lower back, providing continuous support whether you are leaning forward, sitting upright, or reclining.

Flexible Seatback

When we work at a desk, it's common to shift our upper body around to access different parts of the workspace. However, this creates a challenge for chairs to provide adequate support to our backs. Fortunately, Sihoo Doro-C300 offers a simple solution with its flexible seatback.

Its sleek and streamlined backrest is designed to fit the user's back naturally. Meanwhile, the flexible frame of the seatback flexes and contours to the body, ensuring that there are no gaps between the backrest and the user's back. This means that you can stay comfortable and well-supported, even when you need to move around frequently.

3D Coordinated Armrests

When we think of the effects of prolonged sitting, we often focus on the impact on our lower backs and hips. However, the truth is that our arms and shoulders are also susceptible to muscle strains and discomfort from sitting for extended periods. This is where our 3D coordinated armrests can make a huge difference.

Unlike traditional armrests, which are often fixed in place, 3D coordinated armrests are fully adjustable in three directions. This means that they can be customized to fit the unique proportions and preferences of each individual user. By providing support in just the right places, these armrests help to prevent muscle strain and tension in the arms, shoulders, and neck.

But what really sets 3D coordinated armrests apart is their ability to synchronize with the backrest of the chair when reclining. This ensures that the arms and shoulders remain properly supported and aligned, no matter the position of the backrest. The result is a seamless, ergonomic seating experience that helps to alleviate fatigue, discomfort, and even injury.

Waterfall-Shaped Seat

When sitting in a chair, the body's weight is concentrated in the thighs and hips, leading to pressure points and discomfort that can become chronic over time. Fortunately, the Sihoo Doro-C300 ergonomic office chair offers a solution to this problem with its innovative waterfall-shaped seat.

The seat's design is inspired by the natural flow of a waterfall, with a sloping front edge that reduces pressure on the underside of the thighs and hips. This unique shape distributes the body's weight more evenly across the seat surface, minimizing pressure points and providing a more comfortable seating experience. Whether you're typing away at a computer or engaged in a conference call, the Sihoo Doro-C300 allows you to sit comfortably for extended periods without experiencing discomfort.

Even More Ergonomic Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Sihoo Doro-C300 also boasts a wide mechanical headrest that provides precise support for your neck. Its adaptive chassis ensures effortless and balanced reclining, while easy controls make adjustments a breeze. With premium and sturdy build quality, the Doro-C300 is an ergonomic, elegant, and premium office chair that is sure to elevate your work experience.

The Bottom Line

We take great pride in representing the Doro-C300 to all users, as it embodies the culmination of our expertise in ergonomics and engineering. This product is the result of tireless efforts to create a seating experience that is comfortable and supportive even after prolonged sitting.

Currently, the Doro-C300 is available for pre-order. Make your move now so that you can enjoy next-level seating comfort first. And did I mention that you also get an exclusive discount?

Click here to pre-order.

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